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Changing habits a must for ever-changing conditions

We had a minimal amount of slush and snow this weekend which you think would be cause for pause and a little bit of a slowdown for drivers hell-bent on making it their destinations as quickly as possible.

Apparently not the case as evidenced by a fender bender involving three vehicles over the weekend on 13th Avenue.

It appeared the second vehicle was traveling too close and too fast to be able to safely stop when the lead car decided to do, resulting in the third car also becoming part of the melee because he or she obviously wasn’t paying attention either (or was going too fast for conditions).

Traffic blatantly flying through red lights has also been another huge flaw of late, highly noticeable at just about every intersection around town.

We all realize that some of the lights go from green to yellow to red very quickly but if you are looking ahead at all at the signage you should be able to make the stop if you are obeying the speed limit.

It has gotten to the point where a driver who legitimately stops and then gets the green light to proceed still better look in every direction to make sure that nobody is flying through.

Serious stuff in that more than 18,000 motor vehicle crashes occur each year in the state resulting in more than 5,000 injuries and nearly 150 fatalities according to the North Dakota Transportation Department.

More specifically, with the winter-like precarious driving imminently approaching, an average of 7,130 people are killed nationwide in winter weather crashes each year.

It’s important to remember that when fall changes into winter, weather adversely affects different types of roadways and results in differing types of driving conditions that we must once again become accustomed to.

For that reason alone, it is crucial that every driver be aware of those changing conditions and how to react — all for the sake of safety.

So slow down, pay attention, and heed all traffic and corresponding signage.

That’s not asking too much.

Simply put, it’s all about obeying the law.