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Huber: Giving thanks, sharing season upon us

The local Salvation Army has set an ambitious goal for its annual Kettle Campaign with this year’s fundraising sights set on raising $950,000.

As the goal was announced a week ago, businesses were encouraged to participate with matching funds whether at a particular kettle or even a day.

Making the idea even more important and dictating the increased need for giving is The Salvation Army loses five days in their Kettle Campaign due to Thanksgiving falling late this year.

That’s why when you hear those bells ringing again at various businesses around the community it’s important to dig a little deeper and drop something in at each and every red kettle site.

Did you know that The Salvation Army receives more support from the general public than any other charity in America?

So once again, the success of this holiday season campaign is crucial since The Salvation Army relies on this community support to provide its numerous programs and services to those in need, which for many are real lifesavers.

Through the years, The Salvation has been enduring thanks to all this local support.

Proof of that is the organization’s longevity.

The Salvation Army has been spreading its good for a long time with 115 years of service to Cass and Clay County, always there for the less fortunate men, women and children providing help in the form of monetary assistance, a meals program, food baskets, travel aid, and emergency disaster assistance, not only during the holiday season but each and every day of the year, highly visible as the need for their service and caring arises.

With Thanksgiving upon us tomorrow we should all give a little extra thought to contributing whatever we can, wherever we can, whether it’s helping fill the red kettles or providing groceries to various causes in order to stock local food pantries to feed the hungry.

It becomes more meaningful this time of the year, with the holidays fast approaching, and the needs of the less fortunate even more intense.

So when you are out and about the next several weeks and you see a kettle and hear the bell ringing, make it an extra point to give, no matter what the amount – it all adds up quickly and will be core to The Salvation Army meeting their goal and being able to continue to provide the same levels of support.