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Huber: When winter hits, how quickly we forget

Driving can be difficult during good weather conditions, but the wintery precipitation the last few days hovering between rain and snow has been a real test with the wet surfaces quickly turning to ice making for extremely slick conditions.

How quickly we forget what it’s like to drive on icy roads, when hitting the brakes means an instant uncontrollable slide before eventually coming to a stop – if we are so lucky.

And no matter how slick or difficult the situation, there are always those drivers who think it is okay to follow as close as they possibly can even when one quick hit of the brakes would mean rear end collision and disaster.

I just don’t get what these drivers think they are accomplishing. And I also don’t get what their incessant hurry is. If timing is that crucial then they should leave a little earlier to ensure they have ample time to make it to their destination.

If they feel the need to follow that closely, then they should use the passing lane to go around.

There are certain to be a lot more icy and snowy days ahead of us.

When driving conditions do become hazardous and it is necessary that we be out on the roads, we all need to take a deep breath, slow down and let good old common sense prevail.

The latter would focus on all the safe driving recommendations laid out by local law enforcement that include: slowing down, increasing your following distance, being aware that having four-wheel drive does not decrease your stopping distance; how to steer with anti-lock brakes, planning ahead by allowing plenty of time, avoiding distractions including using your cell phone, texting, adjusting your radio, etc., and being prepared for other people’s mistakes by driving defensively.

The end result will be fewer accidents and a lot less stress for everyone.