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Insight from the West Fargo PD: Construction begins at City Hall

Construction begins this week at West Fargo City Hall with minor demolition inside the police department garage and relocation of the building’s electrical service. Within the next couple of weeks, the garage is scheduled to be torn down and ground work is to begin on the new parking lot along Ninth Street East. The new parking lot is being constructed early in the project to provide parking for city staff and construction vehicles and supplies.

Excavation for the foundation of the new addition will start the first or second week in May. The construction project is expected to last until the fall of 2015.

A major portion of the project involves new building construction at the east end of the existing building. The second phase of construction should begin in May of 2015 and involve remodeling of the current area of the building occupied by the police department. During construction, access to the parking lot will be restricted to the west driveway and parking will be very limited. The business operations for City Hall and the police department are not expected to be affected. City Commission meetings and municipal court will occur as normally scheduled.

Trucks hauling construction debris and excavation waste will travel east on Fourth Street, causing an increase in traffic volume. An additional driveway access to Ninth Street installed as part of the new parking lot and may see some construction traffic.

Once construction is complete, the police department will have new office space and enclosed parking for the department’s vehicles. The new addition will also include an expanded commission room and additional meeting space. The planning department information technologies and building inspections and permitting will be housed in the remodeled area now used by the police department.

The auditor’s office and assessor’s office will remain in their current location.