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Longtime resident tells why he likes living in West Fargo

Some people say that West Fargo has grown too fast, and has lost a lot of its small town charm. But George Wyum was recently reminded that the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors still exists in West Fargo.

On Monday, July 27, Wyum, an 81-year-old gentleman and longstanding West Fargo businessman who has lived in his home on Sheyenne Street for many years, was lying on his front lawn trying to fix his sprinkler system. He said he must have laid there too long, because a young man jumped off the back of a city garbage truck and ran up to Wyum to check on him to see if he was okay.

"I thought that was going above and beyond the call of duty," Wyum said. "It's something you wouldn't see in a big metropolitan area."

Wyum called the Pioneer because he wanted to share the story with others, and show his appreciation to the young man who took the time to stop.

"We get some services here that we don't pay for," Wyum said.