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Construction season winding down

What season is it?

Construction season, you can tell by all the orange cones and yellow vests.

We've all heard this question asked as a joke countless times, especially at the start of our summer season, but this year it really has hit the mark as one of the longest running seasons - at least it certainly seems that way - and has been downright trying at times, especially with the lackluster temperatures we've been experiencing that have us concentrating more on where we are going and what is the easiest and least stress-free way to get there, than what we are actually doing.

With Main Avenue reconstruction, 9th Street Interchange work and all the construction hubub on conjunctive roadways, it has become a challenge to maneuver around town without getting caught going down the wrong way of a one way or avoiding the oil and tar that is a necessary part of the overlaying, that seems to cling to the underside of your vehicle forever, unscathed by the occasional trip through the car wash.

All in all, road crews have done a remarkable job of causing the least amount of discontent and friction throughout the summer projects by properly marking affected routes and by being as expeditious as possible in the completion of the work, leapfrogging segment by segment to create a minimal amount of inconvenience.

Even with the varied mix of disarray on Main Avenue presently going on during the first phase of reconstruction, I've heard several people remain optimistic, especially those living in the adjoining residential areas, stating "it really is a hassle now, but once it's done come October, it's really going to be worth it."

A good attitude to have and an even better one to maintain as the work continues at a steady pace on that roadway for at least a couple more months.