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Police participating in Click It or Ticket campaign

Local law enforcement officers will hit the streets October 4 through October 17 as participants in the national Click It or Ticket Campaign. Law enforcement officers from around the area will receive special assignments to conduct increased traffic patrols, with the focus of the campaign to encourage occupants of motor vehicles to buckle up every time.

Crash statistics show you are at a much greater risk of serious injury or death if you fail to buckle up. You do not need to be traveling at highway speeds to become a victim in a crash. Fatalities can and do occur at relatively low urban area speeds.

The West Fargo Police Department participates in the various traffic safety campaigns through the use of federal and state highway funds. The funds are earmarked specifically for enforcement efforts to promote increased traffic safety. The dollars are used to fund speed detection equipment and video cameras as well as paying overtime to officers working special traffic enforcement assignments.

One of the normal functions of a law enforcement officer is to conduct traffic enforcement. However, during the regular duty day an officer must also spend their time answering calls for service, reducing the time allowed for traffic. The use of the special enforcement periods allows the officer to concentrate solely on traffic violations.

Traffic enforcement is not the only tool used during the campaigns to increase traffic safety. Public Service Announcements appear in the media and press conferences are held to promote the campaign. The purpose of the media exposure is to make the public aware of the increased enforcement actions and to remind them of the importance of traffic safety.

Unique to the latest Click It or Ticket campaign is that a free music download card will be given to drivers who are caught buckled up. Remember to buckle up every time. Click It or Ticket.

City to test warning sirens

When you hear the warning sirens on Wednesday, Oct. 7, there will be no need for alarm as the City of West Fargo has contracted with MidStates Wireless Communications to test the emergency warning sirens.

Each of the city's nine warning sirens will be tested individually with testing taking place throughout the day as part of routine maintenance of the emergency warning system. Siren tests typically take place during the spring and fall each year.