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Our goal: Local news

"Newspapers: Carrying the Torch of Freedom" is the theme for national Newspaper Week, presently being promoted across the country through Oct. 10. We are celebrating the observance in our office this week just like we do every other day all year long - by serving the best interests of our readers through the editorial and advertising materials we feature on a weekly basis in both the West Fargo Pioneer and the West Fargo News.

In doing so, we rely daily on our 'local' staff and our 'local' chain of readers to keep our 'local' news flow running at a steady pace by sharing suggestions, ideas, and story leads that turn out to be some of the best journalistic efforts ever.

We value our staff and our committed readership, and continue to welcome any type of input, not just during national newspaper week, but any time you feel you have an opinion to express, a thought to be shared, or a story to be uncovered, remember that we are just a phone call or e-mail away - whatever the need.