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Road construction was well worth the wait

This road construction season throughout the metro area has been a long and arduous one, but nonetheless, from what we're hearing motorists are more than pleased with the end results now in visible sight on most roadways.

In that regard, West Fargo has been dealt an excellent hand.

Those of you who have still not had reason to travel 9th Street East (Veterans Boulevard) are in for a big surprise in terms of new interchange access and ease of access opportunities to other major arterials.

As I drove in from the west last week and saw the signs on I-94 marking the Interchange, it was a pretty amazing feeling knowing that almost a decade of planning for the major project is finally a reality.

The first phase of Main Avenue reconstruction, which is expected to be completed in just a few more weeks from the 6th Street West to 5th Street East corridor, will also be a welcome change for motorists taking that route.

Crews have handled the situation in a consistently professional manner the past five months in this highly traveled construction zone, making the challenge of motoring the roadway a lot less cumbersome.

All that remains before all the barriers come down is finishing up the last of the concrete work on the old frontage road by the West Fargo Post Office, completing some of the sidewalks and curb and gutter, and then the remaining aesthetic work, i.e. topsoil work, and striping, both requiring dryer weather than we've been experiencing lately.

October 17 was originally targeted as the completion date, but project officials say now that may be just a little bit ambitious given the soggy and colder conditions of late.

Crews are committed to doing whatever it takes to expedite the work and wrap up this current construction season as quickly as possible.

However it goes, the end is approaching very quickly, with the hopes of having all the drivable areas open soon.

Once that occurs, any negative thoughts conjured up during what seemed like an eternity of torn up roadways will diminish almost as quickly as they surfaced, thanks to all the smooth driving ahead.