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Letter to the Editor: West Fargo should consider senior citizens center

To the Editor:

When I was a junior high student, I ran across a poem in the "Book of Poetry." This poem was about looking into the future of one's life and to dream as to what one's life could be and to dream what all one could be and to dream about what all one could do in one's life. It was two pages long. I think the author was Edgar Allen Poe. The last verse of the poem pointed out to make sure one's life is more than just dreams. I read the poem over and over again for some time.

I was really impressed with it. My life was full of dreams and a few of those dreams did become reality. Today I have a dream for the city of West Fargo. This dream has been haunting me for several months, so now I will put this dream on paper. My dream is that the city of West Fargo should have a nice senior citizens center.

The city should float a bond issue and purchase the empty Midweek building on the south side of the VFW and remodel it into a nice senior citizen center, then lease it to the senior citizens for 100 years for $1 per year.

The city of West Fargo has been one of the fastest growing cities in North Dakota for over 30 years. Today, the city is suffering from growing pains. For the first time in 30 years, a school bond failed. The city has problems building bridges. It behooves all citizens to step it up a little and keep this city not only the fastest growing city but one of the best cities in North Dakota for all its citizens.

I suggest the city float a bond issue at the same time the school floats its bond issue, then advocate a 'yes' vote for both issues. The seniors could vote for the center and a 'yes' vote for the school issue, and the parents could also vote 'yes' on both issues. Then after the citizens have spoken, we could ask the school administrators and the city commissioners to step it up also and keep this great city on the grow for all the citizens in the right direction.

Oh yes. Taxes, taxes and more taxes?

The last time the North Dakota legislators met, they were faced with a $2 billion dollar surplus. They then voted to lower the North Dakota personal income taxes by 15 percent.

The other day, a Fargo official said the legislators lowered the real estate taxes by 25 percent.

The large surplus was due to a large oil production in North Dakota. We read in the paper that oil production in North Dakota will increase by 50 percent in the next four to five years, and just maybe lower the real estate taxes some more.

This sounds like eating the cake and having it too.

If you feel my dream has any merit and you would like to help fulfill the dream, give me a call at 277-0309.

Alois Vetter

West Fargo