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Wishing 'employer' well on his retirement

To the Editor:

My boss of over 19 years is retiring. In searching for a "Retirement" card, I realized there was none to say what I wanted to say. So, I decided to send in my best wishes on his retirement and also thank him publicly for over 19 years of being a great "boss."

The dictionary defines "boss" as a person of authority over employees. This may be true, but over the many years we worked together, I never felt "bossed over," we seemed to work as a team.

My employer, as I prefer to call him, was and is very professional, a man of integrity, who did the best job for his customers, with few, if any, complaints from them. As a result of this, he maintained a steady list of repeat customers over his long career who wanted quality work and who were never disappointed. I have felt privileged to have worked for him for so many years. I will miss our working relationship; however, I want to wish Ken Dahl, of Dahl Plumbing & Heating, Inc., a very happy retirement and good luck on the next venture he may undertake.

Knowing he works at a "killing pace," I doubt he will stay still too long!"

Jan Erickson

West Fargo