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Making the most of winter

Out like a lion, in like a lamb seems like a fitting catchphrase to describe the emotion of the whopper blizzard over the Christmas holiday - the unconventional method mother nature seemed to feel appropriate to help usher out the old year leading up to the onset of a more tranquil new one that will be celebrated Thursday evening at the stroke of midnight.

At least that's what the current forecast is predicting - a colder wave of temperatures, yes, but no measurable snow blanketing our major holiday this weekend.

Who would have thought the first major winter storm of the season would wreak such havoc, totally upending travel plans over the most significant holiday of the year?

What we all learned from this experience, is that mother nature is a force to be reckoned with and that sometimes there is just absolutely nothing we can do but accept the reality of the situation for safety's sake, get over the disappointment, and make the most of it.

The countless numbers who 'didn't get to grandma's house' ended up doing just that, discovering it wasn't half bad, finding the alternative an enjoyable, tranquil experience, savoring the solitude of being held prisoner in their comfortable confines, with Christmas music playing and the smell of hot apple cider emanating through the air.

For a lot of families, it provided just cause to reconnect, resulting in a calm, serene state of mind, knowing they didn't have to do anything or be anywhere at any particular time, so unlike the regular structure of a normal day that many times dictates your every move and activity.

All in all, the big consideration was for safety, with everything else secondary. Everyone was given ample time to prepare for the likelihood of such a situation, so when the reality set in, all that remained was nestling in and making the most of it.

The end result was a simpler, more meaningful holiday for many.

With the Christmas holiday now behind us, and everyone pretty well 'dug out,' you can bet nobody is hoping for a repeat this weekend.

However you decide to usher in the New Year, once it's arrived, here's wishing you health, happiness, harmony and joy and only the very best each day has to offer.

Dewey benefit 'fantastic'

Speaking of harmony and joy, a little update on an event last week where they was plenty of that to go around - the Chris Dewey benefit a week ago Monday, sponsored by the Fraternal Order of the Police Red River Valley Lodge #1, in partnership with the West Fargo VFW Post 7564.

West Fargo Police Officer Rhonda Jorgensen, who served as coordinator, said between $21,000 and $22,000 will be going to the Dewey family as a result of the generosity displayed. "We expected a decent turnout," she said, "but the way the community came out to help was fantastic. The support was just unbelievable."

Kudos to everyone involved for a remarkable effort.