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Letter to the editor: Great job done, a tip of the hat to the crew

Well, usually I spend my time telling tales of good deeds done by my police officers, but not today.

Today I would like to say a big thanks to our city street, sanitation and water crews for all they have done during the latest snowstorm. 

Now, most of us luckily could sit comfortably in our homes but emergencies still occur, like health conditions, etc.  Because of the street crews, police and fire were able to answer calls for service during the storm, and yes, some of you that had to get to work actually could get there!  So thanks street department, you did a great job.

Also, over the weekend, after the storm, I traveled to Dickinson N.D., stopping for coffee along the way in several communities.  I must say, West Fargo streets were GREAT compared to Jamestown, Bismarck and Dickinson. Jamestown's was so bad we immediately left because we could not even get near any major gas station and the others had minimal plowing, if any done.

I also must mention the sanitation and water crews.  West Fargo's sanitation crews are famous for doing a consistently good job, so GREAT work is so common we really don't even notice and the water crew.....well, hey water and freezing temperatures, they can have that job but they seem to handle it very well.

So from a longtime resident of West Fargo, as well as a person who has throughout the years been responsible for providing services during weather conditions that neither man nor beast should be out in, thanks West Fargo city crews for doing an excellent job.

Arland H. Rasmussen

Chief of Police

West Fargo, ND