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Embracing winter in a fun way

The last few weeks we've seen all this snow.

Now, it's time to make the most of it by taking in the annual Winter Days celebration promoted annually by the West Fargo Park District, which will be offering up almost two weeks of fun, family-oriented activities at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations throughout the community.

Park District staff has done an excellent job of turning this event into a fine-tuned happening, focusing on activities that through the years have garnered the biggest followings by individuals.

The end result is an excellent showcase of activities made possible through the cooperation and assistance of a number of supporting businesses.

On that note, organizers are excited about the kickoff event which was adjusted this year to be the Winter Days Party at Cheney Middle School with a passel of family fun activities. This is a departure from the traditional Chili Cook-off competition at the West Fargo VFW, which this year will serve as the grand finale event for Winter Days.

Sunday will continue to be the huge outdoor day at Elmwood Park, complete with free sleigh rides and the opportunity to take a spin in a SnoBear, a deluxe motorized fish house that redefines the way fishing is accomplished comfortably in the cold outdoors.

With the continued cold temperatures expected, as far as forecasters can predict, everyone is once again encouraged to dress their warmest for outdoor events.

The goal of Park District staff is succeeding in having the overall Winter Days event appeal to all age levels, young and old alike.

By the full slate of activities, it appears they are right on the mark toward accomplishing just that.

If you haven't yet taken in any part of the Winter Days observance, try to make an effort to do so this year. You're certain to run into many of your friends and you can be guaranteed a remarkably good time.

Our paper this week features a sampling of the happenings, with more details to follow next week, in addition to a special Park District insert that will be out there soon inserted in The Forum, outlining times and places for all the activities.

Whether your expertise is preparing a favorite recipe for the chili cook-off event, or entertaining your children with skating, sledding and sleigh rides, there is sure to be something for everyone.

If you'd like more information right now, access the Park District's Web site at