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Increased monitoring needed cause for pause

Some slide through effortlessly.

Some gun it.

Some continue at their regular pace and don't hesitate a bit.

In all cases, luck seems to be on their side.

Not for much longer however, if West Fargo Police officials have anything to say about it.

You guessed it.

Motorists that are incessant red light violators, who think they are immune to being caught, immune to having accidents, and immune to not being hurt or even worse, hurting others, are going to be held accountable by a stepped up police department campaign geared at addressing this serious situation that seems to be running rampant at just about every intersection in town.

The starting point for the increased presence is going to be the four-way traffic signals on the corner of Sheyenne Street and 13th Avenue, one of the busiest intersections in town, especially during the early morning commute and the afternoon drive home.

Other prime intersections will eventually receive their turn.

An excellent end result should be huge fines for blatant offenders caught in the act.

The down side is that the surveillance areas will be clearly marked, making it easier for would-be offenders to restrain themselves from reacting the way they normally would.

Perhaps not all of them will though, since many of the offenders are already distracted, either by the cell phone glued to their ears or by the rapid movement of their texting fingers on their cell phones keyboard.

Whatever the outcome, lets hope the campaign drives the message home with enough impact to make a lasting impression before anybody is seriously injured or worse.