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West Fargo planning for the possibility of flooding

West Fargo City leaders are trying to stay ahead of the eight ball when it comes to the latest flood forecasting projections.

They began their planning a week ago, a move city officials describe as "prudent."

Last year, there were various issues during the flooding that needed addressing, i.e. ice jams, and elimination of overland waters through pumping efforts, that caused resident alarm when they saw the activity occurring in various areas.

Rumors were running rampant that the Sheyenne Diversion was not working, which was definitely not the case at all.

Some of the worst fears are fed by property owners and residents not knowing about what is going on and assuming the worst when that is not the case at all.

After some of last year's experiences with the Sheyenne Diversion rumors, ponded water and activity eliminating ice jams, city officials are more aware of that than ever.

Consequently, the goal of city commissioners and other city staff is to get the message out early this year about activities involved with pre-planning for any potential flooding and what the order of protocol will be for addressing specific issues and areas, so that residents can rest easier.

An excellent idea will involve at least two public meetings geared for residents living both south and north of the Interstate.

Staff is also placing extra emphasis on the fact that the Sheyenne Diversion is performing just exactly the way it was originally designed to accommodate flood protection for the communities of West Fargo and Horace.

They have the same expectations this year, in the event of any potential flood threats.

Residents are encouraged to take in either of the city meetings so they have firsthand knowledge of the plans in place as well as what to expect in terms of maintenance and reaction issues related to any high waters.

The dates and times are expected to be announced in a couple of weeks.

We'll keep you posted.