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Letter to the Editor: Financial donations to drama department appreciated

To the Editor,

I am a senior at West Fargo High School and I was recently involved with the production of "Cats." The drama department was in dire need of a new sound system and light board. At the end of November, I as well as my peers also involved with the show, sold buttons with our "Cats" logo on it for $10 apiece. The money was used for the purchase of the new sound system and light board. Word spread quickly about the cause, and donations started filing in. I was very impressed by the donations given. They came from parents, alumni, students and various businesses. It's heartwarming to know that so many people are supportive and willing to donate to the arts, especially to high school students.

The donations and support has helped over 100 kids achieve their goal and dreams of performing with equipment that functions properly. Not only is it a reward for the students, but it is also a reward for the audience. In past years, audiences have not been able to get the full theatre package when coming to see a West Fargo High School show. The sound system was slowly depleting and the lights were mediocre. Now, with the help of many donations from the community, West Fargo High School students can shine once again with confidence. I am entirely grateful to the community and applaud them. Thank you very much.


Laurel Schuessler

West Fargo