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Letter to the Editor: Scouts are appreciative to everyone for food drive response

The annual Scouting for Food drive concluded on March 27, with the area scouts collecting many pounds of food for Fargo's Emergency Food Pantry.

Participating in this were, West Fargo Cub Scouts Pack 228, Pace 232, Pack 234, and Pack 246, Horace Cub Scout Pack 274, Mapleton Cub Scout Pack 282, West Fargo Boy Scout Troop 213, Troop 232, Troop 279, and Horace Boy Scout Troop 274.

The food drive is always held in March because all donations in March are eligible to receive two incentive allocations based on all food and dollars raised. The first incentive is from Minnesota Foodshare, and the second is from the Alan Feinstein Foundation in New Jersey.

Many people deserve special thanks for the success of the food drive: Scott's Signs, Inc. for signs; Kum and Go and Bruce Clapham for allowing signs on their property; Karen Huber and the West Fargo Pioneer or their articles; SunMart Foods for allowing their parking lot to be used as a food collection site; Randy Hirchert, who arranged with Reile's Transfer for trucks to haul food to the Food Pantry; and all of the scout leaders and parents who helped in any way.

West Fargo, Horace and Mapleton scouts collected a combined total of 7,210 pounds of food in their respective towns. The Scouts are thankful for the great communities in which they live that helped make it a successful food drive. Thanks to everyone who participated or was involved for your great generosity.

Judy Millar and West Fargo Pack 228, 232, 234, and 246, Horace Pack 274, Mapleton Pack 282, West Fargo Troop 213, 232, and 279, and Horace Troop 274