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Insight from WFPD: West Fargo to conduct siren testing April 21

Mid-States Wireless will be performing operational checks of the outdoor warning sirens in West Fargo today (Wednesday, April 21), beginning at 9 a.m. The nine sirens will be activated individually throughout the morning to ensure proper operation. Operational checks are completed two times a year. In addition, the sirens receive a functional check each day at noon.

The warning sirens are meant to alert individuals who are outdoors of an emergency condition. People hearing the siren should go indoors and turn on their radio or television to hear important emergency information and instruction. If you are away from your home, seek shelter until the emergency has passed.

Sirens are located in an overlapping grid pattern throughout the city to increase the chance they will be heard. They are activated in response to a severe weather condition or other condition that may be threatening to human life. The decision as to when to activate the sirens is made by the weather service or an emergency services responder who follows specific criteria. The guidelines include situations where severe weather has been reported or a hazardous material release has occurred.

Another emergency warning system within the community is the Emergency Alerting System or EAS. The EAS incorporates an alerting tone and a voice message broadcast across local television and radio systems. Special receivers or weather alert radios also receive the EAS signal. The EAS can be activated locally or by the National Weather Service.

You may also subscribe to receive emergency notifications through the CODE RED emergency notification system. By registering your telephone number, you can receive important information directly to your phone. The system is activated locally by emergency services responders. A short message will explain the emergency condition and direct you to where additional information can be found. To register you can go to: or call 701-476-4068. The link can also be found at

The West Fargo Police Department offers instance messaging through the use of Facebook and Twitter. Visit the Web site to enroll.