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Letter to the Editor: Whole area stands to benefit from comprehensive flood plan

I was surprised with your cartoon in the March 31 edition of the West Fargo News. As you remember, it portrays two large individuals with an 'F' and a 'M' on their jackets eating diversion pizza looking over a demure 'WF' figure.

Obviously it was meant to show the bullying position you feel that Fargo has over West Fargo. I initially got a chuckle out of it because the West Fargo Pioneer is now located in Fargo. This is very typical of how most of West Fargo has developed. Gone are the Larson's Super Valu, the Hardee's, the West Fargo Pioneer and so many of the local businesses. If 13th Avenue was to have ended at Texas Roadhouse, if DMI shut down as did Trail King, there would be virtually zero business in West Fargo other than mom and pop type of businesses. I would dare to say that 85% of West Fargo residents actually work in Fargo.

The same holds true for Horace, Harwood, Davenport, Hawley, Glyndon, just to name a few. That is why the 'whole' community of our area needs a comprehensive flood plan. What affects Fargo, affects the entire region. The notion that because the area from Horace to West Fargo has its own diversion and should not contribute to a comprehensive plan is not rational. If the Sheyenne Diversion was not in place, there would have been no development of the land because it was always flooding.

I remember back in the late 70s when we were sandbagging on 13th Avenue at Sheyenne Street to stop the water from taking over the entire city. The price tag to construct the Sheyenne Diversion has already offset its cost with the increase of population, new land developments, more parks, more schools and the potential for more businesses.

Remember, going back to your cartoon, don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Gary Martin

Rural West Fargo North of your diversion