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Letter to the Editor: Times change, everyone needs to move forward

I find it interesting that Mr. Al Vetter is again venting against the city of West Fargo for the umpteenth time, despite the fact that he says he loves this city.

Through his letters to the editor, Mr. Vetter often has distorted the truth. He has ranted against almost everyone in the city, ranging from the fire department, school district, city commission and the mayor. Mr. Vetter likes to talk about the days when he thought he was in charge of the city. When his word was what everyone should listen to.

Well, Mr. Vetter, times change. You are no longer in charge. The city of West Fargo has moved on to bigger and better things. It has progressed well beyond your negative attitude.

I was on the city commission and a member of the Visitors Committee when you were in charge of it. I'm not going to go into details on how you ran it as a dictatorship because I'm not going to lower myself to your level.

I can only say that then city auditor Mike McLeod and I decided to reinvigorate the Visitors Committee with people that reflected the wishes of the community. We added members of the West Fargo Chamber of Commerce and others to do away with your dictatorship. I traded portfolios with now mayor Mattern because he was on the health board and I was on your committee. He agreed, thankfully, and he now seems to be taking your vitriol.

Mr. Vetter, you blame everyone and anyone on West Fargo issues you don't agree with. You think the fire department, school district, city and everyone else you can think of is bad. It is time that you stop with the negative attitude and start helping all of us move forward as a community.

Thankfully, you are not in charge.

Mary Peterson

Former West Fargo City Commissioner