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Insight from WFPD: Pet owners reminded about proper pet rules

With residents taking advantage of the nice weather, this means going for a bike ride, run, walk, rollerblading and taking the dog for a walk.

The West Fargo Police Department would like to remind pet owners of the city's leash ordinance. Section 11-0101 "At large" means off the premises of the owner and not under the control of the owner or some member of his immediate family or other authorized person either by leash, cord, or chain.

The city of West Fargo also has an ordinance requiring the license and registration of all pets in the city. Licensing your pet with the police department could save on pound fees. If your pet is found we can either take the pet home or call you versus taking the pet to the pound.

11-0102. License and Registration Required. All dogs and cats over twelve weeks of age kept or maintained in the city shall be licensed and registered. Dog and cat licenses shall be issued by the police department upon payment of an annual license fee as set forth herein. The owner, at the time of application, shall provide information detailing owner identification, animal description and proof of recommended inoculations in the form and manner as required by the chief of police. No license may be issued unless a dog or cat has been inoculated for rabies within twenty-four months preceding the application, provided, however, that if the prior inoculation was within twelve weeks of birth, an inoculation will be required within twelve months of the first inoculation. The licensing provision of the section shall not apply to dogs or cats brought into the city for the purpose of participation in any dog or cat show, nor to certified service animals properly trained to assist disabled persons when such dogs are actually kept for use by blind or otherwise disabled persons for the purpose of aiding them in going from place to place or otherwise in their daily activities.

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to be in control of your pet at all time, as well as maintaining current shots and vaccines. A penalty for vicious dogs at large is $150. Animal at large (not on a leash) is $20 for a first offense, $35 for second offense and $50 for third offense.

When coming upon someone walking their dog, announce that you are doing so. This gives the dog owner time to control the dog's leash and you will not be startling the dog. Don't attempt to outrun a dog. Stand very still and remain calm. Don't scream at the dog, instead back away slowly. If you are bit by a dog or cat seek medical attention and contact the police department.

If you have any questions on ordinances visit the police department website at