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Summer soon upon us: Slowdown only temporary

For those of you traveling Main Avenue who haven't noticed, the speed limit has been reduced by ten miles per hour, from 50 mph down to 40 mph, on the stretch from 45th Street to about 7th Avenue East. The decision was made by the N.D. Department of Transportation and the N.D. Highway Patrol due to the poor condition of the street surface.

The reduction is only temporary, and once an asphalt overlay project scheduled for this summer on this particular roadway is complete, the speed limit will go back up to 50 mph.

So in the meantime, slow down and respect the reduced posting.

It appears like summer has certainly arrived, if the 80-degree temperatures forecast for this week are any indication.

It is so refreshing to be able to sit outside and breathe in the fresh air, and not see snow banks or water ponding anywhere.

I know it is just a mind-altering illusion, but since all the snow has finally gone away, doesn't it seem like the streets are infinitely wider than they were before?

Let's hope there is some lasting power to the sunshine and that summer really is here to stay.

An update: Last week I made mention of the fact the annual Postal Carriers Food Drive was hoping to topple the 70,000 mark in the number of total food pounds collected for the local food pantries.

That didn't quite happen, but close, and still fantastic at a final recordbreaking 69,846 pounds collected.

Nonetheless, organizer Jeff Borgrud is still extremely pleased with everyone's participation and efforts, with the count now broken down into specific areas: Prairiewood - 30,130 pounds; Moorhead - 16, 987; Trollwood - 13, 389; and West Fargo - 9,340.