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Korsmo, Nitzkorski have experience necessary for school board

Dear Editor,

We will vote for Angela Korsmo and Karen Nitzkorski, who are presently school board members and candidates for continued membership on the West Fargo School Board. 

They bring a total of 21 years of experience to the board (Angela 12 years and Karen nine years). Experience doesn't always account for everything, but it means a great deal when the board will be woefully lacking experience without them. This certainly is no criticism of the other remaining board members who were elected at the last election, and the others who will soon be elected.

I was fortunate to serve as the West Fargo School District's superintendent for 20 years (1979-99). It was evident to me, and most board members I worked with, that it took at least two years for them to become fully acquainted with all the numerous and often complicated issues involved in the business of the board.

Angela and Karen have been loyal, hard-working board members. They are sensitive, caring, people-persons who should be given the opportunity to continue to successfully serve the West Fargo School District.

Marvin and Janice Leidal

West Fargo