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Campaigns over, voters decide

Election 2010 is history and we'd like to congratulate all the winners as well as all the candidates who waged excellent campaigns but came up short in the vote count to gain respective seats.

The mayor race was an exceptional one, with three candidates seeking a post that for the last several elections went uncontested.

We commend Mayor Rich Mattern and Commissioner Mike Thorstad for the professionalism and class they displayed throughout their campaigns, which in the end turned into a significantly close race, with under 300 votes splitting the pair.

West Fargo has a population of almost 26,000 people - 14,733 of those are active voters in the statewide database.

On that note, the total numbers voting in the primary were a little bit disappointing. With an unusually high number of individuals running for respective city positions, as well as 13 people vying for school board positions in what has been at best a contentious last couple of years, it just seemed logical that more people would have taken the time to get out and vote.

Anyway, the count is final, the choices made, and it's time for everyone to move forward with new attitudes, renewed optimism, and a new spirit of cooperation, all 'musts' in dealing with the complexity of city, park and school-related challenges that definitely lie ahead.