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Insight from WFPD: Locking up crucial to averting burglaries

Unlocked front doors. Unlocked sheds. Unlocked garages. Unlocked vehicles. That's how robbers get into your property. With the warm weather upon us, the West Fargo Police Department is responding to more theft reports coming from the citizens of West Fargo, with the items targeted random in nature.

The suspects are not limiting the thefts to just vehicles. They are entering homes looking for anything of value. These crimes are crimes of opportunity. What that means is if you leave something unlocked, more than likely your property will be entered and something may be stolen.

Most of the thieves that we deal with do not have the know how or time required to enter a vehicle or home when it is locked. They will find the easiest target available and act on it. That means if you leave your front door open to your house you may wake up in the morning missing valuable items.

I know that we all want to have that small-town feeling where nobody needs to lock their doors, but I am sorry to tell you those days are over. You need to stress to other family members that all doors must remain locked. This includes times when you are home. Thieves do not limit themselves to nighttime only. It becomes much easier when you are not home. This gives them the time required to enter the property without anyone around.

You may be asking, "What else can I do"? The West Fargo Police Department suggests you: lock your doors and windows; leave the lights on giving the impression that somebody is awake and at home; don't leave notes on the door for the delivery guy telling them you will not be around but to go ahead and leave the item; and report any strange activity at all to the police department at 701-433-5500.

If you are gone for an extended amount of time, you should also ask your neighbors if they can collect your mail, or ask the post office to hold your mail, and mow your lawn to make your house secure by making it looked lived in. People being home means the thief will move on to easier pickings. Thieves are generally lazy and they try to make easy money the easy way. Don't give them a chance. Another option would be to create a neighborhood watch club. With this, you will become a neighborhood team that will be on the lookout for any suspicious activity within your neighborhood. For further information on neighborhood watch contact Officer Nielsen or Officer Morris at 433-5500.