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Letter to the Editor: Making healthy choices vital

Dear Editor:

The "F as in Fat Report" from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for American's health ranked North Dakota as the 21st most obese state, among states with the highest rate of obesity among adults. Our ranking provides greater evident that our community and state needs to intensify our efforts in the fight against obesity and related illnesses. Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke and an estimated 27.7 percent of North Dakota residents are considered overweight or obese.

The goods news is that there's more that can be done. We can continue to improve the health of residents in our communities if state and local leaders take important steps to address this issue. The American Heart Association is committed to supporting renewed efforts to build a healthy North Dakota. Join us through our facebook site "Healthy Kids ND" to learn more, and assess your own heart health through

We have the power to make healthy choices for ourselves and our loved ones. However, we need support from all sectors of society to help North Dakota residents have access to healthy foods and safe environments for our physical activity.

Carrie McLeod,


American Heart Association

Advocacy Chair