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Letter to the Editor: Legislative emphasis should be on people's needs

Rep. Kim Koppelman recently appeared in the Forum and the West Fargo News to reflect on his time with the Founding Fathers and God and to share their thoughts with us. I need to respond: That's very nice, Kim. Most of us in West Fargo have studied history and go to church, so it wasn't new information.

If you wish to continue to represent West Fargo in the legislature, I'd suggest you spend more time on people's needs at the local and state level. The many working families in West Fargo need safe, affordable, dependable day care. Injured workers deserve fair compensation when they are injured on the job. Youth need direction on life choices that they can make to stay in high school and eventually have one job (at a time) to support a family. We have good schools, but too many kids drop out before graduation.

And we all need to know how you plan to vote for funding for the Fargo Diversion. Do you have a plan to help growing cities like ours expand their water treatment plants?

Even in West Fargo we'd like to ensure that the impact from oil drilling doesn't exhaust the supply of water and that the roads and highways will be kept in good condition for the businesses, school buses, farmers, fishermen, hunters and others who also need to use them. Will the oil be transported east with pipelines to Minnesota and will North Dakotans be adequately compensated for the use of the oil or our land. Is anything being done to avoid a spill into one of our rivers? And what are you doing to ensure safe transport of chemicals on our railways and highways?

Ten years ago, you and your colleagues gerrymandered District 13 to put Brenda Warren and her West Fargo neighbors into Dist. 22, and left them without a polling place. We're happy to have them vote at a separate table in Dist. 13, but it's grossly unfair to them. If given another chance, I wonder if you'll correct this or compound it.

What did God and Ben Franklin tell you about these issues, Kim?

Jackie Brodshaug

West Fargo