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Letter to the Editor: Legislator has served community well

Having read the letter objecting to N.D. Representative Kim Koppelman's Independence Day salute to our founding fathers and their trust in God; I was actually embarrassed for the sake of the objecting writer and her very inappropriate attitude shown to Rep. Koppelman.  

Though the writer may not have chosen the wording to her letter (Koppelman's history lecture a diversion from real issues, July 28th), she was certainly suggesting that Rep. Koppelman hasn't been working to address the needs of our citizens. Such a characterization is about as far from reality as it could be! Thankfully, most people who stay even somewhat informed about legislative matters know that Representative Koppelman has been one of the hardest working, fairest and most effective representatives our West Fargo area has had. Not only has he been constantly re-elected by the citizens of District 13 since 1994, he has also been appointed to serve in numerous additional legislative capacities throughout these years.

The writer condescendingly went on to state that "Most of us in West Fargo studied history and go to church so it wasn't new information" - and then ended her letter with a sarcastic sounding "What did God and Ben Franklin tell you about these issues, Representative Koppelman?" The "issues" being referred to are ones which Representative Koppelman and all other elected legislators deal with on a regular basis. As a citizen of West Fargo for over 35 years, I personally know that Representative Koppelman has addressed these issues at any other number of times. His July 4th letter however was clearly directed to the topic of "fundamental truths espoused by our nation's leaders," just as its title proclaimed.

I for one appreciate being reminded of the trust in God and the sacrifices made by our founding fathers - and especially on the very day we celebrate our nation's founding! And so I say 'thank you' to Representative Koppelman, not only for his hard work on behalf of the citizens of West Fargo - but also for his patriotic appreciation of our nation's founders, and for his unashamed recognition of God's guiding and providential role in our lives - both then and now!

Ken Koehler

West Fargo