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Letter to the Editor: 'Silly Season' has arrived when it comes to politics

The "silly season" has arrived and attack-dog politics are in full force. What else could explain the recent aimless, rambling, assault on an elected official for celebrating Independence Day?

Jackie Brodshaug's (Chairperson-District 13 Democrats) recent letter regarding Rep. Kim Koppelman was a petty, transparent partisan rant that displays the lowest ground in political discourse.

On the 4th of July, Rep. Koppelman wrote an op-ed column for The Forum and a Legislative Report in the West Fargo Pioneer celebrating the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence.

Before veering into unrelated, partisan drivel, what was Brodshaug's critique of this fine tribute? She claimed it didn't offer "new information."

So celebrating Independence Day should not be about taking stock in America, our freedom, our founders and the document they crafted, but rather "new information?"

Brodshaug's real problem is that she just can't hide her bitterness over losing three elections to Rep. Koppelman, (and at the same time) losing two to former Rep. Laurel Thoreson and one to Rep. Alon Wieland. Time to move on, Jackie. Elections have consequences.

Even as chairman of the District 13 Democrats, Brodshaug should be open-minded enough to appreciate our principles of American freedom, our history and exceptionalism... unless, of course, she doesn't share appreciation for these virtues.

The cradle-to-grave, big government, high tax, socialistic model which Brodshaug favors is exactly what the majority of Americans are soundly rejecting today, and what the voters of our community have repeatedly rejected.

Jackie, if you can't get people to buy into your liberal politics with honorable debate, please don't snidely attack those we have elected, who serve us well.

The people of West Fargo can see through these games. The voters of West Fargo deserve honest, issue-related debates. The best ideas and philosophies shall win out and may the carrier of those ideals continue to represent our great community in the State Legislature.

Todd Fuchs

Co-Chair, West Fargo District 13 Republicans