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Letter to the Editor: Citizens should have their questions answered

Two West Fargo Republicans recently took me to task for my irreverent response to Rep. Koppelman's reflections on our founding fathers. I suggested to readers and to Kim that he should share his views on local and state issues rather than tell us what we already know.

Instead of sharing any new information, Rep. Koppelman's spokespersons criticized my character and patriotism. This came the very week I became a great-grandmother for the first time, so the blows blew away and delayed my response.

I am an experienced campaigner as one writer claimed. I was hoping the 2010 legislative campaign in District 13 could be about the issues facing West Fargo and North Dakota. The Koppelman spokespersons illustrated the same-old same-old strategy. The policy issues raised by Democrats are answered with character attacks.

This year, as before, the Dem-NPL candidates are prepared to talk issues as they visit homes in Dist. 13. Sylvan Loegering is a business man and strong family man running for the Senate seat. Mary C. Tintes and Michael Halvorson are also long-time respected West Fargo residents running for House of Representatives and they are ready to serve the people of District 13.

I urge all West Fargo residents to hear what they have to say, to ask the questions you need to have answered, and above all, to ignore the negatives and demand positive responses to all your concerns. It's not enough to just say no.

Jackie Brodshaug

West Fargo