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Letter to the Editor: Time for change of representation for North Dakota

Rep. Earl Pomeroy was elected to represent the people of North Dakota. He voted for the massive government overhaul of the medical system. Nearly 72% of the people of North Dakota did not approve of the bill. As the costs and consequences of that bill are yet to be fully known, expect that percentage to increase. Phone calls, emails, office visits, and pleas from voters were ignored. Pomeroy ignored North Dakota wishes and values, and voted with Nancy Pelosi and her left coast values.

During his 18 years in Congress, he has learned how to play the game and play the people of North Dakota. His comments are neutral generalizations that could mean anything to anyone. He did not have the courage to meet with the North Dakota people he supposedly represents in town hall meetings last year. He phoned it in with a couple of staged questions from supporters.

Pomeroy has proven that he does not represent North Dakota, he represents all the out-of-state special interests, PACs, and far left supporters from which the majority of his monetary support comes from. Pomeroy might not know what is right anymore and that is intolerable. It is time for a change.

Mike Schmidt

West Fargo