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Letter to the Editor: It's not Santa Claus, it's Karl Marx

Dear Editor,

A bearded man visited America last Christmas Eve. It wasn't Santa Claus, it was Karl Marx (i.e. the spirit of government imposed poverty past, present, and future). The Socialist Democratic Party's helpers (Byron Dorgan, Kent Conrad, and Earl Pomeroy) voted in favor of the passage of socialized medicine.

A lump of coal was looking good, but instead we found lost freedoms, deep Medicare cuts, tax hikes and potential pink slips in our stockings, along with mandates to purchase expensive health insurance policies and IRS seizures and/or imprisonment if we can't.

By design, health care costs will skyrocket, and life-saving medical services will be rationed. Congress' gift to itself would be power over our assets, bodies, health and the very lives that our founding fathers believed they shouldn't have. They also excluded themselves from the government plan that we will all soon be part of, so that they can keep the best health care in the world that we all enjoy today.

Our delegation voted to add the mother of all entitlement programs to our already bankrupt welfare state. They think we are ignorant enough to believe that they are deficit hawks and moderates. They believe that we are foolish enough to think that increasing government spending somehow decreases government spending.

Their deep Medicare cuts will cover part of this, but tax revenue would also plummet with their tax hike. They will shamelessly borrow the money from communist China using our childrens' futures as collateral.

Recently, Dorgan and Conrad "sneaked" around the state holding "town hall" meetings in remote areas that were by invitation only and/or not advertised. Pomeroy didn't hold any. Sixty-three percent of North Dakota opposed their health care power grab. They didn't care to listen to us mere "peasants."

Back with the political elite in Washington and drunk with power, Conrad didn't shy away from "news" programs, and Pomeroy couldn't contain his joy when asked about his vote. They didn't even have the common decency to hold out for the bribes that Nebraska and other states received.

Dorgan saw what is coming. Pomeroy will find out when his "peasants" storm the voting booths with torches and pitchforks. He can expect a lump of coal in his stocking this year.

Brent McCarthy