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Letter to the Editor: Youth sporting event at Casselton topnotch experience

I am a parent and coach and have officiated all levels of sports, most recently youth sports.

I have seen parent involvement in youth sports at good levels and some that have over-involved parents on a very negative level.

All of the coaches I have coached with have been positive for the most part. I have seen some coaches who might have been over-involved from a negative standpoint as well.

As a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) , which is just kicking off in North Dakota as of last week, I now want to describe one of, if not the best, experiences I have had in the last five years.

Our 4th grade FM athletics football team had a game in Casselton, N.D. Casselton residents take note: Everything about the game was positive and top notch. You should be proud. The "big" scoreboard was on. "They called our names on plays, over the loudspeaker." These were some of the things our kids talked about and the excitement on their faces was a fun sight to see. After the game, the parent who was announcing, thanked and congratulated the players, then the coaches, then the officials, then the parents. FM Athletics does a very nice job with what they do, and those involved in Casselton took it another step further and made it a great experience for all involved.

I saw a lot of smiling faces and heard a lot of comments about this being very fun and a great experience.

After all, youth sports are supposed to be fun. They are to be a learning experience and a chance for young people to learn from mistakes and also learn life lessons. Those involved in youth sports could learn a lot from experiences like this.

Mark M. Sahli

West Fargo