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Letter to the Editor: Time for legislative leadership change

To the Editor:

I recently attended a candidate forum in West Fargo and heard something that really offended me. The four candidates from District 13 for the N.D. House of Representatives were responding to questions from the audience. Rep. Alon Wieland was talking about the creation of 60 new government jobs in N.D. and stated, "those aren't REAL jobs!"

Really, Al?

Tell that to the police, firefighters, teachers, staff at the capitol in Bismarck, and the city, county or state workers who are out there snowplowing roads open at 3 a.m. Tell that to N.D. small business owners who supply groceries, clothing, household goods to the families of those with "not real jobs." Tell that to the N.D. realtors who sell homes to families whose income comes from one of those "not real jobs." Tell that to the doctors, dentists and health workers whose patients have good health insurance coverage because of one of those "not real jobs!"

  In fact, don't you get your health insurance through your government job, Al?  Didn't you vote "yes" to give yourself a raise in your government job, Al?

I think it's time for a change in leadership in Bismarck. That's why I support Mary Tintes for N.D. House from District 13. She understands working families and supports good-paying jobs in North Dakota. 

Bob Stefonowicz

Fargo (formerly of West Fargo)