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Letter to the Editor: Concern over postal closings

Dear Editor,

My letter is to draw attention to a portion of a bill introduced by Sen. Tom Carper (S. 3831). While there are beneficial and much needed provisions in this bill that remedy inequities concerning the USPS, there is also language in the bill that would jeopardize the service we get from our local post office. There is a provision in this bill that would eliminate the present prohibition against closing a small town or rural post office purely for economic reasons. In addition, the bill would eliminate the requirement that the Postal Service consider the impact on the community in such a closing.

We all may know of post offices that have already closed in North Dakota even under the current guidelines. Eliminating much of the due process currently afforded to a community when their post office is in jeopardy of closing will only accelerate the closing of our rural post offices.

According to the Postal Regulatory Commission, closing all the small and rural post offices in the United States would save $586 million, or less than one percent of the USPS operating budget. That is a small savings considering the service lost to many rural American citizens.

While there are other issues in this bill that will be weighed and measured, I think this one issue strikes close to home for all of us. If you want to keep your post office and the current protections against closure, please contact our senators in Washington D.C.

Ed Johnson

Retired West Fargo Postmaster