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Weathering the storm requires a little patience, common sense

I know everybody is probably sick of hearing about the weather topic, but nonetheless, it appears to be the focus of most conversations whether we like it or not.

Not only that, it is affecting our daily being each and every time we head out the door and get in our vehicles.

The first thing I would say is "my gosh people, slow down and get your headlights out of the back bumpers of the drivers in front of you."

Don't you have any common sense at all?

Haven't you noticed by now that the streets are ice covered under that top blanket layer of snow?

Especially when you are entering the intersections that are only made more dangerous by the huge, high heaps of snow clustered at the corners, providing no room whatsoever for visibility without creeping out onto the roadway before you can see if there is traffic present or not.

In addition, some of the roadways, at least in West Fargo, are reduced to a narrowness that we aren't accustomed to, thanks to the excessiveness of snow along the side markers that has no where else to be plowed or shoved but straight up, with some banks already seemingly way too gigantic already in terms of height and overall dimension.

The plan the next couple of weeks in West Fargo by street crews is to assault these snow filled roadways, with crews working 24/7 to improve total conditions overall.

A special contractor has been hired to haul out snow in all the cul-de-sacs because that task is specifically time demanding. Regular city crews will be concentrating on widening the remainder of city streets and removing the snow buildups from the corners, starting first with knocking down snow from intersections with traffic signals.

Crews will start in business areas and work their way into residential with no preferential treatment given to any areas.

In some neighborhoods it will be necessary to blow the snow into trucks and then haul it away, because of tighter space conditions.

One of the biggest issues and hindrances in the whole process has been the layer of ice underneath everything, which is preventing crews from getting the traction they need to complete the tasks in a shorter amount of time.

With 256 lane miles to cover, using five pieces of equipment, Public Works officials say this process could take up to three weeks to complete, so they are asking for everyone's patience and cooperation.

They are also asking that individuals keep their vehicles off the streets, especially at night, in areas still requiring snow cleanup and removal. This will go a long way in making the process a whole lot easier and also prevent having to tow away any vehicles that get in the way. Anyone looking for more specific information can visit the city's website at

Considering the wide range of conditions experienced during the big New Year's weekend weather event, everything did actually go quite well, with city officials noting they haven't seen anything like this since the winter of 1997.

We would have to agree with that assessment.

Given the scope of the cleanup involved with this major storm over a long holiday weekend and all the differing weather conditions thrown into the mix, once again, West Fargo street crews did an excellent job of complying in the face of extreme adversity.