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Help celebrate Winter Days

The West Fargo Park District is kicking off their long-running Winter Days celebration later this week.

Their goal is to involve as many people as possible in the wide array of activities they are promoting at various locations throughout the community.

Some of them will be held indoors but several will take place outdoors.

The more than ample snow fall will serve to give those outdoor events a huge boost; however, the extremely cold temperatures forecast to move in over the weekend, will not be quite so welcome, and should be countered by dressing appropriately, i.e. bundling up as warm as possible in order to be comfortable in whatever outdoor conditions present themselves.

As in past years, the Park District staff has taken great care in selecting the events they are presenting, drawing on past popularity to showcase activities that participants look forward to following and being an active part of.

The end result is an excellent showcase of happenings for all age levels made possible by the support of a number of supporting businesses.

Consequently, promoters are excited about the kickoff event that will take place Saturday at the Cheney Middle School.

Sunday will be highlighted by an outdoor afternoon of family fun at Elmwood Park, complete with free sleigh rides and the opportunity to take a spin in a SnoBear - a deluxe motorized fish house.

Winter Days weekend number two will feature the nine-hole Snow Golf Tournament followed by plenty of action at the West Fargo VFW which will be the site of the traditional Chili Cook-off competition and the concluding Winter Days dance.

The annual Snowflake Search has also turned into an intriguing draw for local resident's intent on locating the 'hidden snowflakes' in an attempt to cash in on a bevy of great prizes donated by area businesses.

Our paper this week features a sampling of the activities, with more details to follow next week regarding remaining events.

If you haven't yet taken in any of the excitement of Winter Days, make it a point to do so this year.

Whether your intent on capturing first place in the chili cook-off, or are looking to entertain your children with an entire afternoon of diverse activity in Elmwood Park, there is sure to be something of interest for everyone.

And just because it bears repeating - be sure to dress warm!