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All's well that ends well

Even though it was a long time in the realization, one of the smartest moves by West Fargo City Commissioners was the decision to walk away from the idea of a city-owned golf course in Westport Beach.

The brouhaha over "yes we can" "no you won't," went on for months following a public outcry that elected city officials had not communicated properly the intent of the golf course issue with its residents.

In a nutshell, the end result were several highly attended public forums with residents for the most part opposing a city-owned golf course.

Influenced by the advice of its constituency, the commission ultimately decided to forego the idea, leaving the golf course's future up to the developers, who decided to move ahead with plans for a privately-owned operation.

Fast forward to the present.

Given the downturn in conditions and the tighter economic times the past several years, developers have now decided to scrap the plan and instead shift their focus to a highly energized single family, residential endeavor that should serve the community well.

Accented in great part by lakes, parks, and additional recreational space, the area is being touted as a 'walkable' community, out of the floodplain, offering mass appeal and amenities for anyone thinking about locating or making a relocating move.

This should also be great news for contractors, looking to shore up lots for future construction.

So consequently, all's well that ends well, and in this case, it could turn into a win-win situation for everyone.

With all the talk of limited space for future expansion and growth, this is a welcome, much needed plan, in an area ripe for residential development.