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Statistics benchmark for progress

Even as depressed as construction and home sales have been depicted nationwide the last year, West Fargo has still managed to maintain good standing in that regard, with total valuation of building permits up slightly over the previous year at approximately $58 million, about a $210,000 dollar increase.

Percentage wise that equates to a 0.36 percent increase in valuation, an 8.85 percent upswing for the total number of units, and a 23.18 percent increase for the total number of building permits.

Overall for the year 2010, 643 building permits were issued, the most since 2007, with 246 of those housing units for single family, twinhome, townhome and multiple dwellings, also up over the previous year by 20 units.

Commercial endeavors accounted for 14 of those permits with a total valuation of $10.3 million; and permits for remodeling projects including both residential and commercial were issued for the remaining numbers, with total valuation for those also at the $10 million mark.

Another bright point is that West Fargo's average sale of previously-owned homes has increased by 2.9 percent.

The outlook for 2011 appears to be even more optimistic with several new developments approved and moving strongly forward including Eaglewood, Maple Ridge and The Ponds at the Preserve.

Construction also continues in many other new neighborhoods in town.

With a large number of lots now available for development along with potential school district projects, West Fargo is positioned to have a very active 2011 building season in its continuing bid as a city on the grow.