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Donation will help feed the hungry

West Fargo Scouts will be out in full force Saturday, March 26, collecting food from doorsteps to help fill the shelves of the Emergency Food Pantry.

I know this because Scouting officials were out and about this last weekend placing door hangers on houses as a reminder.

The one we received is now hanging on my fridge in the kitchen as a reminder.

It goes without saying, the need is great.

Last year, 19,568 pounds of food were collected by the Fargo-Moorhead, West Fargo, Horace and Mapleton area scouts with West Fargo, Horace and Mapleton Scouts collecting 7,210 pounds of that total.

Overall, the Emergency Food Pantry serviced 22,933 people during the year of 2010 in our communities, with a total of 917,300 pounds of food given away to 6,860 families.

This is a great cause that we can all personally support locally, seeing the benefits reaped by those presently in need of services provided by the local food pantry.

Toward that end, residents are encouraged to set out a variety of foodstuffs on Saturday, for safety's sake excluding any that are in class containers, using whatever household bag handy.

Scouts will be making their respective rounds picking up the groceries.

The bagged items can also be taken to the West Fargo Sunmart parking lot at 1100 13th Ave. E., from 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday, where a truck will be located to accept the contributions, or to the Emergency Food Pantry, at 1438 10th St. N., in Fargo.

If your food bag is missed, or you forget to put one out, you are encouraged to contact Judy Millar at 282-2492. She will also pick up bags and deliver them to the food pantry.

So help out by remembering to set out your filled food bags on Saturday. It's the least that any of us who are able to can do.