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Flooding: Stay informed with latest info

The West Fargo Public Works Department hosted a Spring Melt Briefing on Monday, with the intention of maintaining communication throughout the city of West Fargo during the spring melt process presently underway.

Various departments reported on their respective roles, supplying the most up-to-date information possible as it pertains to any potential flood threat.

Referencing the Sheyenne Diversion operation and other related areas, Public Works Director Barry Johnson said that the city is not anticipating any problems and that everything "is looking really good," for the time being. Nothing is abnormal, everything is working just as it was designed, and of course, the lack of any recent measurable participation is really good news.

Reports stated that: the Sheyenne River began to flow over the West Fargo Project Weir two weeks ago and over the Horace Project March 29. The south gates of the diversion were closed on March 30, and the north gates on Monday, April 4; and the north pump station and Drain 21 pump station of the West Fargo project are operational and set an 'auto.'

Crews are also presently monitoring the Sheyenne River for ice jams on the road crossings between West Fargo and Horace (a standard precaution this time of year); as well as monitoring backyard river banks, once again, relying on neighborhood captains to help out with the process.

As for city operations on the whole, staff assisted the Cass County Highway Department in sandbagging operations; cleaned out ditches, culverts and catch basins throughout the city; and installed temporary pumps at 32nd Avenue and the Sheyenne River, the west side of Sheyenne Street near the new fire station, and both the Shadow wood and Eaglewood ponds, in efforts to pump any standing water out of these ag areas, so it doesn't adversely affect anyone.

All storm lift stations have also been checked out and are ready to go.

Future updates regarding the melt will be provided on the city's website unless conditions warrant another group meeting.

For the latest daily updates and information, visit and click on Spring Melt Information for all the accompanying links.