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Insight from WFPD: A few tips to help you spring into safety

A question many people are asking is, "Will this winter ever end?" Although the weather may not be cooperating now, the warm sunshine and severe weather will eventually come. With the warm weather there will ultimately be more pedestrian traffic and more outside activities.

Kids will be ready to get outside to ride their bikes, play baseball and do all sorts of activities. Adults will be out working in their yards, going on walks or enjoying time playing with their kids. With this, the West Fargo Police Department would like to remind everyone of some spring safety tips.

Even though the roads may not have ice and snow on them, remember to obey the speed limit and give pedestrians the right of way, especially while they are in crosswalks. The speed limit on all West Fargo streets is 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. While driving through the streets of West Fargo and neighboring communities, try not to get distracted and keep your attention on the road.

With the nice weather approaching, there is going to be more than just cars on the road. There will be a dramatic increase of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycles. All which can be difficult to see, and seem to come out of nowhere.

With the warm weather, there inevitably will be thunderstorms and other severe weather. There will no doubt be some sort of severe weather watches and warnings this spring and summer. A "watch" means conditions are optimal for severe weather and there is a good probability for severe weather. A "warning" is when the severe weather is already in progress. Remember, all thunderstorms produce lightning, which kills more people every year than tornadoes or hurricanes. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be in danger from the lightning.

During a severe thunderstorm:

• Go indoors, preferably to an interior room of a sturdy building.

• Avoid metal objects, water, trees, high ground, electrical equipment, telephones and taking showers or baths.

• If in a vehicle, stay inside the vehicle.

When severe weather watches and warnings are issued, be watchful of the weather, be prepared to respond appropriately and listen to the local news for severe weather updates.