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Letter to the Editor: Overcrowded conditions not acceptable starting point

Letter to the Editor:

I have two young children, one in kindergarten in West Fargo. I grew up in West Fargo. Since my son was born, I have been closely paying attention to the school crowding issue. Last fall, my husband and I decided we would enroll our son in West Fargo kindergarten and make a decision for first grade when we needed to based on any decisions made on the school issue in the meantime.

We are at that point. I am not sure where I will send my son for first grade. I will not put my children in a school system with this problem, regardless if the level of education is superb. I think the majority of West Fargo teachers are committed to their educational role. If this bond referendum does not pass, and I continue with West Fargo, I am putting the future of my children's education in the hands of the West Fargo community to figure something out that everyone agrees with.

I am done with that. My community was there for me when I was a student. I received the tools I needed to succeed in classrooms appropriate for teaching. I will absolutely not allow anything less for my children.

I, as a parent, need to move on. I am exhausted with this whole issue and need closure. I need to provide for my children the most sound, educational footing I can, and starting them off in overcrowded conditions is unacceptable to me as a parent.

Jessica Heilman