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Letter to the Editor: Bond plan as perfect as it gets

Dear Editor:

West Fargo Public Schools patrons and voters, I hope you're not waiting for the perfect bond plan to come along because there is no such thing.

The salient factors as I see them:

1) Our district's student population is growing by leaps and bounds and shows no signs of slowing down.

2) The current plan appears to be logical, thorough, and tied to a belief in student opportunity and achievement.

3) Meaningful input was gathered both from those who supported previous bond referenda and from those who did not.

4) Our present district leadership is as trustworthy, sincere, and competent as I've encountered in my twenty years of teaching.

5) Property owners will soon see another tax reduction from the state, so the tax increase associated with this bond referendum should be relatively easy to swallow.

6) The longer we wait for the perfect plan, the longer our kids will wait for facilities that can accommodate them and meet their needs.

It's time for us to get this done. Please vote yes on May 24.

Mark Berntson

West Fargo