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Having a say requires voting

West Fargo School District voters will be going to the polls May 24 to decide the fate of an $82.5 million bond referendum for building construction to arrive at extra space to accommodate the rapid, excelled growth in the school district.

Will the third time be a charm?

Only the final vote tally at the end of the day Tuesday will be the big reveal on that count, and of course, will hinge on the number of school district patrons who take the time to actually get out and vote.

The last two attempts at previous bond issue votes have been unsuccessful in achieving the 60 percent majority necessary for passage.

As with most votes, there are definitely two split camps this go around, with the 'yes' faction definitely more aggressive and vocal publicly than the naysayers.

No matter how you feel about the issue, your commitment to getting out and voting next Tuesday is going to be the ultimate deciding factor.

That process will be a little easier with voter ability to visit any of the polling sites to cast votes, instead of having to visit a designated polling location.

One of the letters printed in last week's paper probably summed the common sense perspective in viewing the proposal up best.

The writer said the plan is about as perfect as it is going to get and that voters should view it as such and support it because total perfection may never be achievable.

Whether you agree with this assessment or not, if you want a say in the outcome, it will behoove you to get out and vote on Tuesday.

If you decide not to, and your stance is defeated, then as the old saying goes ­-- don't complain afterward.