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Letter to the Editor: Breathalyzer tests at events unnecessary

Dear Editor:

I think breathalyzer tests at high school sporting events is a waste of resources, a waste of time, and makes the innocent grouped in with the guilty.

First, I think it's a waste of resources by spending money on the breathalyzers. It is also a waste of resources because you are paying for it with tax dollars. The money being spent on paying for breathalyzer tests should be spent on education.

Secondly, I think it's a waste of time. It is a personal waste of time to me by having to wait in line to get into the event. It is also a waste of time for the people in line. People should not have to wait in line for something that has nothing pertaining to them.

Lastly, I think it makes the innocent look guilty. It is a personal offense to me. I should not be grouped in with people that need the breathalyzer tests. It should be used only on people that are guilty.

I suggest controlling the environment by controlling the problematic behavior, not the whole of the environment.

Natalie Unsinn

Sheyenne Ninth Grade Center Student

West Fargo