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Campaigns target motorists, addressing safety concerns

A few weeks ago we spoke of a Click or Ticket seat belt campaign underway by Cass and Clay County law enforcement agencies.

Tallies are now in revealing the outcome of the effort encouraging motorists to fasten their seat belts to help save lives, or be penalized for not doing so.

In Clay County, over 200 drivers were ticketed.

In West Fargo, eight police officers conducted 51 hours of targeted enforcement, making contact with ninety-one drivers and issuing seventy-nine traffic citations. Of those, forty-three were for passenger restraint violations.

According to North Dakota state law, officers can stop motorists as a primary enforcement if they are under 18 and not wearing a seatbelt. Motorists over 18 can only be charged with a seatbelt violation as a secondary enforcement after being stopped for another violation, (i.e. speeding, missing taillight, etc.). All passengers must also be buckled up or in the correct child restraint. The fine for the violation is $20.

Statistics show that odds for injuries in the event of an accident are six times greater if a motorist is not buckled up.

With the conclusion of the campaign, hopefully comes greater awareness of the need for buckling up and the safety factor doing so represents.

On that note, another campaign is currently underway in West Fargo to help rid the roads of drunk drivers.

As part of a regional impaired driving enforcement period involving law enforcement agencies in Traill, Richland, Sergeant, Ransom and Cass Counties, as well as the North Dakota Highway Patrol, additional officers will be working from now through June 19 targeting drivers under the influence, with the goal of keeping motorists safe on the public roadways, by reducing the number of alcohol-related fatalities and car crashes. It's safe to say, that DUI is an offense nobody wants to be pulled over for. The solution for preventing this is simple. If you don't want to be a statistic - don't drink and drive.