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Varying light shows illuminate Independence Day night skies

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Mother Nature wrapped up the Fourth of July holiday by conducting her own grandiose light show, with the skies over the region lit up by what were literally hundreds of ongoing lightning strikes that didn't cease to exist until the defiant weather system moved through.

The end result for our community was some pronounced winds and moderate rainfall, but not the powerful punch that had been forecast.

West Fargo police officials said this morning there were no reports of any damage or problems anywhere. There wasn't a huge amount of rain, so consequently, no street flooding occurred. A few power surges were noted, but other that that, everything was good.

This go round, the warning sirens were working perfectly and sounded three times to alert residents of possible imminent danger.

The first was heard about 9:30 p.m. with the report of a funnel cloud near Grandin that was headed to the south.

The second siren warning occurred when a possible tornado was cited three miles east of Amenia moving to the southeast.

The third blast was triggered by the tornado touch down northwest of Mapleton, that hit the J. Meyer Farm northwest of Mapleton causing structural damage to some buildings.

Police officials said that several residents of the adjacent Brookwood Mobile Home Park took shelter at the police department until the storm passed through.

The unexpected fireworks didn't entirely put the dampers on the Fourth of July holiday for those still wishing to conduct their own light shows.

Even while the sirens were blasting, fireworks could be seen going off high in the sky; and those who took a break while the storm was blowing through, reclaimed the night skies shortly thereafter by continuing their own Fourth of July light spectaculars, determined not to let the force of nature stand in their way or tarnish their Independence Day fun.