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Neighborhood event continues to thrive

I can remember when National Night Out first began about 17 years ago. You could pick your parking place at Elmwood and there was plenty of room walking the grounds leisurely visiting the vendors taking in everything the evening had to offer.

Not the case anymore - much more crowded conditions but still a whole lot of fun with all the extra people congestion only adding to the excitement.

Not only did the numbers attending manage to change and grow upward, but the moniker for the event also took on new form a couple of years ago - adjusted to Night to Unite.

The event just continues to grow a little stronger each year, all contingent of course upon the weather, which for the most part has typically cooperated.

A considerable amount of planning and cooperation goes into pulling off an evening of this magnitude and for this the staff at the West Fargo Police Department deserves due credit, along with a large group of co-sponsors who are always more than happy to be on board this program that reinforces awareness about crime and drug prevention and strengthens neighborhood resolve to deter and fight crime.

By the success of the yearly happening, it is evident that everyone involved does an outstanding job.

All in all, the event is geared for the entire family and it's no wonder the little kids especially love the evening with the ever growing number of hands-on demonstrations they can individually be a part of, including the motorcycle rides conducted by the Harley Owners Group members, always a strong draw with long lines waiting in anticipation; the free ice cream and cotton candy, the fire and police department demos, the list goes on and on.

So if you have little children, grandchildren or friends looking for something exciting and varied to do Tuesday evening, head on over to Elmwood Park on west 13th Avenue and take in what the four-hour session has to offer. The time is guaranteed to pass quickly as you meander your way through the variety of demos, enjoy the entertainment and music, and savor the edible treats that are a welcome bonus to all the fun, all at a minimal expense.

So many great organizations play a role in making this annual event such a huge success, asking nothing in return but your attendance and participation in a unified event that helps strengthen the community's resolve in its fight against crime.

If you can be there, make it a point. If you have children, be sure to include them. It promises to be a great evening of family fun for everyone.